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27 April 2018 @ 09:18 pm

Hi guys!

Anyone still out there? *waves*

So, not a big post, but the other day I FINALLY got Judy Hopps (as per pic!) in Disney Kingdom game!!
You don't know how excited I am to finally unlock Zootopia characters! Argh, it's been about 5 -8 months work?
I don't remember when I started playing this game, but the only reason I have it a try was because I saw it advertised with Judy & Nick and <3 my little heart needed to see how you could interact with them! I didn't know I'd have to wait so long to get to them though.

So yep, that's my last six months in a nut shell between periods of busy and slow working months.

Okay I lie, I'm a bit bored.

If anyone is out there, and wants to interact let's go back to a classic meme/quiz scenario.

Give me a show/movie/book series, and I'll tell you:

My favorite female character
My favorite male character
My favorite season
My favorite episode
My favorite cast member
My favorite ship
A character I'd die defending
A character I just can't sympathize with
A character I grew to love
My anti-OTP

If you're a long time on my flist or know your way around tags/looking at a profile you'll find my older fandoms.

But here's a few more recent things: Younger, Will & Grace, Friends, Lucifer, Miranda, Parks & Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Miss Peregrine's Peculiar (books)

As you can see a couple aren't new but I've been doing a re/first time watch of some of those.
Just be aware any answers I give may reflect on me not having finished the series/show.

05 November 2016 @ 11:16 pm

Yesterday was HORRIBLE hayfever day.

Today was a bit more manageable but by the end I still want/ed to scratch my eyes, nose out...and crying eyes. Ugh. So tired of it all, its not funny. People could tell I was so tired/out of it today. A few people who aren't even in my department at work asked if I was okay! Which is sweet, but what do I say. Nope, totally not okay. Can't breathe, itchy everything already took an antihistimine this morning and got horrible sleep last night. Thank you for asking!

Let's hope tomorrows pollen count is lower and I get more sleep tonight than last night.
Night night

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04 November 2016 @ 02:26 am
Someone please stop me becoming a spam bot of prompts Liza/Charles (Younger) on Small Fandom Fest...

In other news work Christmas party in three weeks yikes! Time flies.
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18 October 2016 @ 11:49 pm
Well, I really couldn't be bothered thinking of an accurate subject line. So my hair is getting a bit on the longer side now *shrugs*

I...don't even remember what I last posted about and I'm not going back to check tonight.

So end of year is approaching, and though I haven't checked my LJ friends page in the last month or two until todays whim, I kind of felt a reminder of LJ. I'm still on the Yuletide fic gifting communities 'pinch hitters' /backup/ list and a batch of prompts just got sent out a few days ago. Boy was that a big surprise! I hadn't logged in to see any posts about sign ups- not that I would have signed up...

I ended up at the tv tonight and was going to watch something new (on dvd) but ended up watching some recordings I'd done. Fastforwaded and watched the mains bits of the RIO Olympics Closing Ceremony haha, and then ended up re-watching Doctor Who Time Heist ep. I then stumbled across live tv for a second and one of the few channels that had strong enough signal (our digital signals are really bad the last 12months hence me no longer watching live tv) was the new MacGyver reboot thing. I was shocked into watching a scene or two... I didn't realise George Eads had landed a new gig so quickly. I had heard the unfortunate news from CSI etc but thought he was hiding out. Apparently not. I also mistook the other actress as a one time regular one CSI and wondered if either of them really wanted to call each other their usual characters name... then I looked it up to be sure and found myself utterly embarrassed that I failed to realise it wasn't her! Whoops sorry...


Recently watched:
Lucifer 2x01-2x03
The Good Place 1x01-1x03
Pilot of Daredevil
Younger 3x01, 3x02

Man Up, The Dressmaker, Forrest Gump*, The Rage in Placid Lake, Predestination

17. Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass
18. Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
19. Power and Majesty (Creature Court 1) by Tansy Reyner Roberts

^I'm almost at my goal of 20 for the year! Yes!!

06 September 2016 @ 08:59 pm
I don't know why. But today seemed to be a day for stumbling across depressing or disheartening articles.

I'm linking them here, because I think both topics need to be thought of or discussed more.

One is a relatively 'famous' author Marion Zimmer Bradley and a heads up to those that it is a topic that includes child abuse among other things.

The second is a harsh reminder about how fast consumerism and buying and chucking out clothes 'yearly' only based on fashion is ruining our world. Sorry for the downer guys.


Let's end this post on a lighter note.

I have a movie discount voucher to use in the next 7 days, so I'll likely head to the movies soon.

Anyone have an opinion on what I should watch?

Poll #2053263 Movies
This poll is closed.

Which to watch first

Absolutely Fabulous
Captain Fanstastic
Sausage Party
30 July 2016 @ 11:50 pm
I feel like this a step-back-in-time kind of post.

I really failed keeping up logging into LJ weekly over the busy school holiday period of work.
And last night I went to bed way too late and I'm super tired today after covering someone's shift, and there's a few family things. When isn't there I guess? So this isn't a 'what I've been reading/watching lately' post. Its a bit more random than that.


I got home today to find this article about Honey Suckleweeks. I was shocked to say the least. However after reading it, I think I do vaguely remember reading or hearing about the reported engagement and then fatal accident of her interest. So I can only imagine how difficult that would have been if true. I haven't caught up on Foyle's War to be honest. I hope to, one day. But she captivated me so much back then that my fandom self is amazed that she's not the President of USA by now. And when I look at either current candidates it doesn't deter those odd past self thoughts!


Second topic today it was mad_jaks birthday yesterday (29th) so I wanted to mention a hopefully happy birthday wish to the internet as a whole because I have no idea who is on here anymore, and more specifically mad_jaks if she happened to be here, haha. I think one of the first few 'overseas' LJ friends I stumbled across via another LJ friend and always seemed to be a sensible calming voice, even whilst promoting sometimes unpopular DW or TW pairings. Then into NCIS. Brilliant really.


So there goes me being all stuck in the past for today.
I hope, if anyone does read this, you're having a much more pleasant time in the present or whatever time period you're thoughts are drifitng over. :)
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19 June 2016 @ 09:42 pm
So last weekend Oz Comic Con was on. I didn't volunteer, and in the end I didn't even go on the Sunday. The one day I had off from work. But to make myself sadder that I was SO near to John Barrowman I walked past it to get to a DFO sale for Queens Birthday weekend, to try and find some coats and jackets in my size for winter (using gift vouchers I won last year and need to use up by November). So, I made the 'sensible' choice. Not spending 30 bucks on entry plus 70 to get a photo with John... but his social media posts made me so jealous. I had a few friends/con goers I know able to get into his panels and ohhh man. Hurry up and come back here Mr Barrowman!

And this weekend Supanova in Sydney was on and one of my first 'favourite' authors, or more the fact that it was a series or two I could follow is up there, and again next weekend in Perth's Supanova.... Tamora Pierce!!! *flails*
So much goodness I've missed.


TV viewings
~started on Brooklyn Nine-Nine s3 (forgot how amazing this show is!)
~Broke Girls some of s5
~Hart of Dixie (almost finished s1)
31 May 2016 @ 10:59 pm
So... I unintentionally fell face forward into a binge watching fugue of Younger this week.
I blame the fact that I now find it similar to Being Erica. Both females working their way up in assistant jobs in publishing/editing.

However, I was only going to finish season 1 off. I ended up starting and finishing season 2 also! Whoops. And that ending, all the possibilities! Alas, I caved to my inner demon child of fandom again, and went looking for fanfiction... there. is. none!! I even checked the prompt list for this month and next's smallfandomfest
on the off chance someone hadn't written it but had thought of a good idea. Nada. :(

Not even gen Younger fic, let alone either of the two pairings I am crushing on right now. My fandom heart is crushed again.

So here is another list of my last week or so tv habits.
ps. if you happen to find Younger fanfiction please link me??

+Younger s1 & s2
+Lip Sync battle (random eps)
+The Blacklist finished the last two eps of s3
+Lucifer s1 finished
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15 May 2016 @ 11:31 pm
So I really only wanted to start posting here more regularly after I found a different layout/header but here I am again.

Only really one thought of the day.
I just managed to pull myself away from some Zootopia fanfiction reading, that I somehow found myself in again. And boy, when I'm there its like a pure high and I never know how I even existed before the movie was in my life. I really need to see it again.

Also, I really need to remember to breathe when seeing drawings of Judy/Nick or stories involving them. ded from de cute.


edited: Hold up, it seems I found that Alex Kingston icons are an antidote that released the pressure in my chest. All is good again. As you were. Breathes deeply.
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11 May 2016 @ 02:13 am
So, I've been trawling the back ends of LJ again. Been tempted to post so many thing at once, its a little overwhelming really.

Like there's a meme thing you put up and get people to ask questions you answer each day a month and I've had some post/topic ideas from others postings... but a good old fashioned ramble is what I think I'll stick to on/off over some sporadic but hopefully at least a few times a week for the next few weeks.

I was on Twitter and they now have a polls feature like here has had for ages. It made me miss my poll and quiz days from here a bit?
Anyway, I think instead of talking extensively over episodes of tv, maybe I'll list what tv shows I've watched at the end of a week or something? Like x, b, c, d, were watched and I read this ** book.

Well, for last week I watched a bit of Arrow (s3), Flash (s1), Haven (s3) - only finished Haven. Kind of drawing out finishing the dvds of the first two I think. But Haven hurts my feelings more strangely enough. And I don't have anymore of it on dvd -yet. I have a gift voucher coming but I'm not sure if I'll use it for that, or Being Erica (if I do I'll wait for mid year or a sale) or an eReader.