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19 June 2016 @ 09:42 pm
Miss cons  
So last weekend Oz Comic Con was on. I didn't volunteer, and in the end I didn't even go on the Sunday. The one day I had off from work. But to make myself sadder that I was SO near to John Barrowman I walked past it to get to a DFO sale for Queens Birthday weekend, to try and find some coats and jackets in my size for winter (using gift vouchers I won last year and need to use up by November). So, I made the 'sensible' choice. Not spending 30 bucks on entry plus 70 to get a photo with John... but his social media posts made me so jealous. I had a few friends/con goers I know able to get into his panels and ohhh man. Hurry up and come back here Mr Barrowman!

And this weekend Supanova in Sydney was on and one of my first 'favourite' authors, or more the fact that it was a series or two I could follow is up there, and again next weekend in Perth's Supanova.... Tamora Pierce!!! *flails*
So much goodness I've missed.


TV viewings
~started on Brooklyn Nine-Nine s3 (forgot how amazing this show is!)
~Broke Girls some of s5
~Hart of Dixie (almost finished s1)
Meredith: Finnick - catching firexfirefly9x on June 19th, 2016 02:41 pm (UTC)
I missed them both too, but a friend and her girlfriend made it to Sydney. (:

The Barrowman pics on facebook are the bessst. So many tim tams. :P