It's a logically mad paradox

Just want a bite of info about me before jumping in head first? A television addict, likes books too, reading and writing is both fun and tiring, I read and write fanfiction, I slash in fandoms a bit, I'm a spoilerphobe so DON'T SPOIL ME, I like food, sports and fun times.

If you want to look at more scroll down the page, I love seeing how codes turns out so this is my scientific experimental page!

~It's a mix of stuff, thoughts, feelings, memes, quizzes, fanfiction
~I'm generally quite open minded
~Along side of that, you may not like my pairings in a fandom nor I yours, but I certainly won't be aggressively putting down your choices of characters. Or if I do, I promise to try and keep it off *your* journal. We all want to be friendly. :)
~No computer creative stuff is produced here.
~I'm quite an indecisive person, I have trouble making just the most simplest decisions...I'm Gemini, maybe that's why?

(*EDIT 30/6/11*: 4 ncis, 1 moonlight, 6 csi:ny, 2 csi:miami, 2 crossovers[Castle/NCIS] [Doctor Who/Rizzoli & Isles], 2 Life, 2 Trauma, 1 Glee, 1 Firefly fic currently posted*)

So you like tennis? Tv? Currents favourites: CSI: NY, Life, Bones, Castle, CSI, NCIS, Detroit 1-8-7, NCIS: Los Angeles, Law & Order: SVU, Rizzoli & Isles, Off the Map or just think we might get along?

Feel free to friend, but let me know via PM or comments who you are, how you found this and just generally say hello. It's only polite!

Also please note that I am in Australia and television programs/shows that I follow are mostly made overseas in other countries. So please tell me if you post episode spoilers under lj cuts or not, because I'm really a spoilerphobe at heart.
I probably won't be friending you back if you post un-cut spoilers. But that always can depend on a case to case basis, so introduce yourself and let's see how we go from there!

And please don't take it to mean you can't comment on episodes that I've seen, just don't spoil me please. :) And I might visit your journal from time to time, who knows!

Current fandoms I'm most interested in
» NCIS, CSI: NY, JAG, Life, Law & Order: SVU, CSI, Bones, Harry Potter, Detroit 1-8-7, Off the Map, Nikita, Law & Order: LA

Other interested in
» White Collar, Castle, Covert Affairs, CSI: Miami, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Being Human (UK & US), Vampire Academy, NCIS: Los Angeles, Numb3rs, all other Law & Order's, Lie To Me, Moonlight, Firefly, Glee, Stargate: Atlantis, Southland, Warehouse 13, Without a Trace

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~Warning There's some slash in this journal. Mainly in some fics. And you're warned beforehand. If you don't know what that is then you should wiki it. To be informed. Its not ALL slash, there's some het, general, and maybe later femmeslash but just letting you know. :)

{ wear }

{ wear }

Fanfiction: Please read and tell me what you think. Even if it's negative, just say it nicely like "Perhaps you should not venture any further into this thing you call 'writing'...".
DISCLAIMER: Fanfiction works are just that FANFICTION. Made by fans for fans (or anyone) to read, I do not have any official links (other than watching the tv shows) to the creations. All belong to respective companies that have bought the rights and I do not profit from writing these.

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Attention talented icon makers...

I am looking for any awesome, neat, funny or plain cute icons relating to:
~Mac/Peyton (Don't ask me why, I want to see what people come up with, witty remarks maybe?)
~Bones related icons! Preferably Booth/Bones or brotherly love Hodgins/Zac/Sweeets
~Being Human (Especially a cross with Dimitri from Vampire Academy and Mitchell *sigh*)
~Tennis player (anyone really) in a ready stance with racquet in front of them; text ‘ready for war’
~Off the Map, Law & Order: LA icons (anything in those really)
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